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Harbour Link Container Services Inc.

Harbour Link Container Services Inc. (Harbour Link) is privately owned by the Payne Group. The Company provides container drayage and off-dock container terminal services to all sectors of the container shipping community. Customers include shipping lines, freight forwarders, 3PL’s, big box retailers, major importers and shippers that route containerized cargo through the Vancouver Gateway, including the CP & CN Rail portals to/from all points within the Greater Vancouver area. The Company also provides container drayage services for container traffic routed through the US Gateways of Seattle and Tacoma and for containers that originate from or are destined to points in Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) and the US Pacific Northwest.

The Company provides 24/7 services and adjusts the daily operating hours at the Company’s two off dock container terminals located in Delta (Tilbury) and Richmond (Riverport) to ensure they are fully harmonized to match the relay requirements of ship working schedules at the Port of Vancouver Gateway and the receipt / delivery of containers by importers and exporters to match their landside supply chain requirements. Details about the Company’s off dock container terminals are summarized under Facilities and Services.

Harbour Link has an operating history spanning more than 20 years and is under the long standing management and leadership of David Payne and his staff, all known for their strong customer service approach that has enabled Harbour Link to achieve an excellent reputation for being “Strong on Service, Reliability and People”. In 2011 Harbour Link was named by CIFFA “Carrier of the Year” and is regularly recognized by CIFFA and by other organizations for the quality of its off-dock Container Terminal and Local and Long Haul drayage services at the Port of Vancouver Gateway.

The "can-do" approach by Harbour Link's staff represents the underpinning of the Company’s continuous efforts to improve operational and service performance beyond customer expectations. The Company is known for its knowledge in container transport and logistics and for using the latest computer technology to track “in real time” the location of every truck, chassis and container and for deploying operating and communication systems to achieve optimal performance. These elements have enabled Harbour Link to achieve its reputation as a provider of innovative container transport and handing solutions tailored to the specific requirements of their customers.

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