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Fourth Update of the Implementation of the Terminal Gate Compliance Initiative (TGCI) by Port Metro Vancouver Container Terminal Operators

Posted 2011-12-29 by Harbour Link in opinion

We are pleased to advise that on December 28, 2011 both TSI and DP World announced that they have incorporated a 1600 hour prior day cancellation of a reservation without penalty into the TGCI. If a reservation is not cancelled prior to 1600 hours the day before the reservation date, or is not utilized, only then will a penalty apply.

TSI also reduced their reservation appointment window from 7 days to 3 days.

As previously advised, the TGCI will be adopted effective January 1, 2012.

Harbour Link supports the above changes and believes the reduced reservation window to 3 days will help eliminate speculative reservations.

The terminal operators have also addressed technical and administrative issues within their respective systems to ensure simplicity and ease in the processes related to booking and changing reservations. The terminal operators have also posted on their websites, standardized terminology along with clear and specific definitions and processes for the stakeholder community. Please visit the individual terminal (TSI, DPW, FSD) websites to find email addresses available for questions and concerns.

The terminal operators have also concluded a collaboration agreement with PMV to work towards establishing service level agreements with the container drayage sector.

We are very pleased with the above changes and thank the BCTA Alliance for their efforts that resulted in the terminal operators modifying the TGCI to address the concerns of the Alliance in the application of the TGCI and the ability of the industry to secure timely reservations.

Regrettably, the above changes do not address or resolve all of the outstanding issues pertaining to the TGCI. Accordingly, the BCTA stakeholder Alliance intends to continue to hold discussions with PMV and the terminal operators to achieve resolution of these issues.

We believe the implementation of the TGCI by the terminal operators imposes a serious impediment on the flow of trade via the Port of Vancouver and increases the cost of doing business at the Port of Vancouver. This is why we strongly believe that a mutually workable agreement must be achieved between all parties in the application of the TGCI initiative, especially the need to incorporate fairness, balance and quid-pro-quo provisions and a dispute resolution mechanism. Accordingly we continue to encourage you to contact the President of PMV to voice your objection to the TGCI without inclusion of quid-pro-quo provisions on the terminal operators in the application of the TGCI initiative.

We will continue to provide updates on this subject as they occur.