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Launch of New Dispatch and GPS (Real Time) Truck/Container Tracking System

Posted 2011-12-29 by Harbour Link in news

At the beginning of the year we announced our plan to replace our existing computerized dispatch system with a new state-of-the-art integrated truck dispatch, navigation, equipment control and messaging system which combines the dispatch functions and the tracking of all trucks, chassis and containers in our care and control on a real time basis using GPS technology.

In addition to enabling the Company to track and monitor the actual location and status of every truck in our fleet, an important feature of the new system is the ability for our customers to track the status of their container movements in real time using web based technology.

A further added benefit of the new system is that it pinpoints the actual arrival time of each truck at the port’s container terminals when delivering and picking-up containers. This feature will be especially helpful to substantiate the elapsed time by trucks waiting in line-ups to enter container terminals (which often result in missed reservations) to prevent the imposition of unwarranted penalties by the terminal operators for missed reservations which the port’s terminal operators have announced will be imposed effective January 2012.

The new system is unique to Harbour Link and has been designed to help optimize driver communication, truck turn-around, transport security, driver safety and to maximize two way truck movements. The system originates from the UK and has been adapted from the system used in Europe by the courier sector for several years. We were so impressed by the features and capabilities of the system technology we concluded an agreement with the UK based supplier to adapt the system to accommodate the specific needs of Harbour Link’s container drayage business in Western Canada and the US.

Modifying the system to the unique requirements of the North American container drayage market has been an exhaustive 12 month joint effort between the UK suppliers and Harbour Link, which, we are pleased to announce will culminate in the launch of the system in North America by Harbour Link commencing in January 2012.

Harbour Link is the first Company in North America to deploy this technology and will retain exclusive rights to the use of the system well into 2013.

The system involves the use of PDA (personal digital assistant) devices by our drivers. The PDA’s will be used by our drivers to receive their dispatch assignments and to relay messages and data pertaining to each assignment back to the dispatch centre, including obtaining signatures for the receipt of containers by customers.

We are very excited about the major investment we have made in the new operating system and believe that its deployment will further enhance our ability to maintain the Company’s commitment and longstanding reputation of being a leader in the container drayage sector.

We especially thank our staff and drivers for embracing this new technology and look forward to the successful launch of the new system. We believe its use will enable customers to enjoy a new plateau of service benefits in selecting Harbour Link as their container drayage service provider.

If you would like more information about the new system and our transportation services please contact us. We also invite you to visit our premises to see “firsthand” the operational and service benefits the new dispatch and tracking system provides to keep us at the forefront of Port of Vancouver’s container drayage sector and the port’s growing container business.