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Harbour Link Provides the Solution to Achieving Seamless Supply Chains

Posted 2011-04-10 by Harbour Link in opinion

Harbour Link is the only truck carrier with its own container terminal that enables customers to pre-stage import cargo to coincide seamlessly with their production/cargo flow requirements.

By integrating container terminal and trucking services, Harbour Link is able to provide the solution to prevent disruptions to supply chains caused by the limited days and hours the Port’s container terminal gates are open for the pick-up of import containers and/or caused by the challenge of obtaining timely port reservations to accomplish such pick-ups.

Harbour Link’s solution makes use of a relay service that enables importers to achieve the seamless transport of containers to/from port facilities on a 24/7 basis using Harbour Link’s near-dock container terminal as a relay point to stage import cargo.

As a fully bonded truck carrier, import containers are picked up from the port by Harbour Link as soon as they are released by the shipping Line (in bond or cleared) and brought to our 10+ acre fully Sufferance Bonded Off-Dock Container Terminal located in Delta. The containers are staged at the terminal for redelivery to the customer’s door, in the order required by the customer, following release by Canada Customs and CFIA. Delivery to the customer is arranged to coincide with the scheduled timetable requirements of the customer on a 24/7 basis.

The above intermediate staging option, combined with the integration of trucking and container terminal activities, eliminates the uncertainty of coordinating the transfer of cargo between the port and the importers premises. It also provides value-added benefits by enabling customers to pre-stage import cargo in sync with production flow schedules to achieve an integrated seamless supply chain on a 24/7 basis.

This unique service also enables customers to accommodate spikes in their business volume and for Harbour Link to pick-up containers from the port in a manner to optimize the use of night gates and weekend openings as declared by the container terminals to help expedite traffic flows and velocity to fulfill customers traffic flow requirements on a 24/7 basis.