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ANNOUNCEMENT - New Harbour Link Richmond Container Terminal

Posted 2014-06-26 by Harbour Link in news

OPENING April 2, 2014

14000 Steveston Highway, Richmond, BC, V6W 1A8

Harbour Link is pleased to announce the opening of Port of Vancouver’s first Container Node to handle laden import and export containers for shipping lines that call at Port of Vancouver’s container terminals and for importers and exporters that route their containerized cargo through the Vancouver Gateway.

The immediate goal of the Richmond terminal is to be a buffer zone to help relieve Port of Vancouver from the serious congestion it is encountering. The congestion is caused by the buildup of import containers resulting from the recent withdrawal of services by members of the trucking sector and from the rising backlog of import containers resulting from the inability of rail carriers to supply sufficient rail rolling stock due to severe winter conditions in Central and Eastern Canada.

HL’s long-term plan for the terminal is to establish a better supply chain solution for the seamless flow of import containers from nominated vessels at Port of Vancouver’s container terminals to the Richmond Container Node in readiness for delivery to customers to match their 24/7 supply chain requirements. The reverse supply chain sequence and solution would apply for export containers. The terminal also expands HL’s off-dock capabilities for the storage and handling of empty containers on behalf of shipping companies.

Operating hours at the facility will be dovetailed to match the 24/7 container relay requirements of ship working schedules at the Port of Vancouver and to match the receipt and pick-up of containers by importers and exporters to fit their landside supply chain requirements.

The operating system deployed at the node is based on the use of top-picks.

Import containers are assembled at the Richmond node separated by consignee to the fullest extent possible to permit the fast transfer of containers onto a carrier’s trucks, as chosen by the consignee. The goal of the terminal is to achieve less than 30 minute truck turn times for all truck traffic. The terminal is also equipped with empty stackers to handle empty containers.

The terminal is fully secured with high security fencing and high tower perimeter lighting, CCTV and anti-intrusion technology, supplemented by security guards performing 24/7 patrols. The terminal is Canada Customs Sufferance Bonded (5212) and has general liability protection in the amount of $10 million. Computer tracking systems (E-Term) have EDI connectivity and manage container inventory control, gate interchange activities and the dynamic tracking of all container movements and locations in the CY.

All of the above was accomplished within 5 days from inception. During this short timeframe, HL secured the site of the container node, obtained Canada Customs Sufferance, procured and positioned container handling equipment, installed buildings, computer systems and organized operating staff and systems to transform the site into a fully functioning container terminal. Our plan now is to enhance the terminal’s capabilities as a worthy addition to Port of Vancouver’s supply chain capabilities.

We invite you to contact us and arrange for a visit to the Richmond Container Node to see how it can provide a better solution for the seamless flow of import and export containers at the Vancouver Gateway.

The immediate communication coordinates of the Richmond container node are as follows:

Operations: Cell 604 351 2952

E-Mail: CYRichmond@hlcsi.com

Please contact Brain Yamaguchi, VP Customer Service or David Payne, President at 604 940 5522 directly for detailed information about the terminal’s capabilities and Harbour Link’s supply chain expertise.