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Harbour Link’s new Dimension of Services for the Oil and Gas Sector

Posted 2014-06-26 by Harbour Link in news

At its newly established Richmond Container Terminal Node, Harbour Link recently completed handling a single shipment of drilling pipe laden in approximately 60 containers destined for a project in Northern British Columbia.

The scope of services included:

  • The pickup and drayage of the containers upon arrival at the Port of Vancouver to the Richmond Container Terminal.
  • De-stuffing the pipe from the containers and staging the pipe by diameter, type and container number in readiness for loading to flatbed trucks for transport to Northern BC.
  • Returning the empty containers within the free time period to the shipping line’s designated Vancouver empty container storage depot / container terminal.
  • Facilitating the transport of the pipe on flatbed trucks to Fort St John.

Harbour Link built specialized handling equipment to perform the de-stuffing of the pipe from containers to ensure the safe, efficient and protected handling of the pipe into the staging area and the subsequent loading of the pipe onto flatbed trucks.

The feedback received from the customer was very positive, including the flawless coordination undertaken by Harbour Link that resulted in the seamless flow and safe transport of the pipe between the Gateway and the project site to successfully meet the customer’s supply chain requirements, project expectations and timelines.

There is a growing market requirement in the oil and gas mining sector for the aforementioned type of services to be provided at the Vancouver Gateway. We believe Harbour Link’s newly established Richmond container node is ideally suited to perform the above described services. Moreover, it has the capacity to support the oil and gas mining sector as a hub for the staging and distribution of containerized cargoes for projects in Western Canada.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can assist you to achieve the right solution for the transit and assembly of your containerized cargo via the Vancouver Gateway.

For more information about our services please contact us. We also invite you to visit the Richmond Container Node to see how Harbour Link can achieve the solution for the seamless flow of containerized cargo at the Vancouver Gateway to meet your supply chain requirements.