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Bulletin to Vancouver Gateway Customers Re Harbour Link’s Ability to Handle Long Haul Bound Traffic Bulletin to Vancouver Gateway Customers to Eastern Canada and the USA

Posted 2014-08-19 by Harbour Link in news

As you may be aware, a significant volume of US destined container traffic is presently being routed via the Vancouver Gateway as a supply chain contingency plan by the US trading community, to guard against a shutdown of US Ports if negotiations between the PMA and the ILWU fail to achieve a new collective agreement, resulting in a strike or lockout at US Ports by either Party.

Vancouver’s Terminal Operators have prudently adopted operating policy to prevent US diverted traffic from impeding the flow of normal Canadian trade, the key policy being, that acceptance of US traffic by them is contingent on prior arrangements being made for the immediate removal of US traffic from their terminals.

Similarly, the Canadian rail carriers have imposed volume quotas on shipping lines for the carriage of container traffic by rail at the Vancouver Gateway created by the serious shortage of railcars needed to facilitate the transit of rail designated container volumes at the Gateway.

The logical and most economical solution for the transit of long haul container traffic to Central Canada and the US Mid West is by rail, but as noted above, this option is not readily available due to the serious railcar shortages being encountered by rail carriers to handle such traffic.

An alternate solution offered by Harbour Link to get import containers to Eastern Canadian Points and to the US Mid West, such as Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, etc. is a new expedited long haul service established specifically for the transit of such traffic via the Vancouver Gateway.

If you would like more information about this service option please contact us

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David Payne