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Harbour Link Expands its Service Capabilities

Posted 2016-07-13 by Harbour Link in news

A Seamless Container / Supply Chain Solution

We are pleased to announce that South Fraser Container Services (2005), Ltd. and Harbour Link Container Services Inc. have combined their services to provide a seamless supply chain solution for customers.

South Fraser Container Services (SFCS):

South Fraser Container Services has an enviable industry reputation for its expertise providing quality cargo handling and transloading supply chain solutions for a wide range of customers and commodities. SFCS’s operations border the Seaspan Ferry Terminal on the Fraser River located in the heart of Delta’s Tilbury Industrial Park and include the following: 

  • A 9.7 acre site for cargo and container assembly
  • A site which is fully paved, fenced and secured
  • Supported with rail sidings connecting all regional rail carriers including the BNSF to accommodate cargo and containers by rail
  • Adjoins the Fraser River with a full berth to facilitate the direct transfer of cargo to/from barges linking Vancouver Island and other coastal regions
  • Includes 12,000 sq. ft. of covered storage to accommodate the handling of dry cargo
  • A wide range of cargo handling equipment to handle cargo and containers

Harbour Link Container Services:

Harbour Link, with more than 25 years’ experience as an industry leader providing container drayage and off-dock container terminal solutions to all sectors of the container shipping community, is known for its innovative approach to achieving reliable and seamless supply chain solutions. Customers include shipping lines, freight forwarders, 3PL’s, big box retailers, major importers and exporters that route containerized cargo through the Port of Vancouver Gateway, the CP & CN Rail portals to/from all points within the Greater Vancouver area, the Western Provinces of Canada and the Pacific Northwest States of the US.

The centre of Harbour Link’s operations is also located in the heart of Delta’s Tilbury Industrial Park neighbouring SFCS’s trans-load centre and the Seaspan Ferry Terminal. Harbour Link’s infrastructure includes the following: 

  • An 11 acre Off Dock Container Yard fully paved, fenced and secured
  • Container Storage capacity for 6,000 TEU’s
  • 50+ reefer plugs
  • Comprehensive reefer container infrastructure
  • Fleet of modern Container Handlers (top and side-pick) to handle laden and empty containers
  • Fleet of over 100 trucks and 350 chassis, including reefer, air-ride and drop decks
  • A 5 acre chassis yard and container trans-load facility
  • SOLAS VGM certified weigh scales (Method 1)
  • Canada Customs Sufferance Bonded
  • Certified PIP-Partners in Protection

The partnership between SFCS’s and Harbour Link to work as ONE, expands the service capabilities of each Company to provide seamless value added benefits for both import and export customers. Moreover, the operations of both Companies are strategically located as neighbours in close proximity to all Port of Vancouver container terminals.

The benefits flowing from the partnership include the expansion of services by both SFCS and Harbour Link to include:

  • The ability to receive lumber by truck, rail and barge.
  • The assembly of lumber and other commodities for consolidation / distribution, with the first 30 days of storage to assemble export cargo being free.
  • Custom load planning and experienced trans-load handlers to maximize container stowage volumes.
  • The closest trans-load and container off-dock depot to Deltaport and T2
  • Exclusive computerized management systems to ensure inventory control, cargo rotation and real time inventory tracking.
  • Re-packaging and re-sizing lumber packs to achieve all-in-one damage free transloading services.
  • A direct link to Seaspan’s Ro-Ro ferry service between Tilbury Island in Delta and Nanaimo for B-trains, flat decks, Vans and containers on chassis.
  • Pass on – Pass off barge service to/from Vancouver Island and other coastal points for the relay of lumber and other import and export cargoes via the Port of Vancouver Gateway and other points.
  • Certified SOLAS VGM Scale services at both the trans-load centre and off-dock depot to accommodate IMO SOLAS-VGM requirements Method 1 and 2.
  • Comprehensive container trucking services linking SFCS’s trans-load centre with the Port of Vancouver to/from all points in BC and the US and Gateway consolidation and distribution terminals.
  • Day and Evening transfer of containers to accommodate customer supply chains and vessel ERD’s and cut offs.
  • In-House access to a full service Off-Dock container depot serving all major Shipping Lines calling at the Port of Vancouver.
  • Trucking service to/from all points in Western Canada and USA Pacific Northwest
  • Interlinking trucking service to/from the Port Gateways of Seattle / Tacoma
  • GPS and Geo fence tracking of all truck and cargo/container movements
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Special Services:

  • Reefer Genset chassis services for 20’ and 40’ containers
  • Reefer container pre-trip, plug in and temperature monitoring services
  • Trucking services for dimensional – out of gauge – special cargo and containers using step deck and double drop trailering  equipment
  • Specialized Air-Ride trucking service
  • Off-dock container storage for empty and laden containers
  • Heavy lift and dimensional (over-height and over-width) cargo transload services
  • Container Repairs

For more information about our services please contact us by email (info@hlcsi.com) or call 604 940 5522.