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Moving Forward – Major Upgrades

Posted 2011-04-10 by Harbour Link in news

Harbour Link’s longstanding experience in the container transportation and logistics business has provided us with valuable lessons and knowledge to “Expect the Best” “Plan for the Worst” and to “Prepare for Surprises”. This is precisely why Harbour Link completed a major upgrade of its container terminal in 2010 aimed to optimize service performance, operational efficiency and to be prepared to handle surprises.

The facility upgrade included repaving the container yard to ensure we can accommodate progressive growth of trade in step with anticipated customer requirements. We also doubled the terminal’s reefer capacity to enable us to facilitate the long-term and seasonal reefer trades of our customers. The expansion of the reefer facilities included building a weather canopy over the reefer pre-tripping area fitted with high intensity lighting to enable reefer pre-trip services to be provided on a 24/7 basis by technicians in safe surroundings fully protected from inclement weather.

Why take on these costly upgrades? Our answer is simple: There are two primary choices in life: “To accept conditions as they exist” or “To accept responsibility for changing them”. Our business approach and the commitment we make to our customers is to accept responsibility for delivering the best service possible on time, every time, efficiently and seamlessly. To do this requires us to be vigilant, innovative planners and to constantly enhance our services and facilities to accommodate our customers’ evolving needs.

This progressive approach is why our staff always take that extra step to find innovative solutions to fulfill your intermodal transport and logistical requirements and why we view what we do today as being an ongoing learning experience to remain at the forefront in providing “The Best Service Performance & Best Industry Practices” in the container transport and logistics business.

We thank you very much for your business and we look forward to continue to work closely with you and to progressively refine our services to ensure you always receive the right service solution and the best service possible, on time, every time.