Harbour Link provides the following scope of services:


  • Sufferance bonded off-dock container terminal and bonded container drayage services
  • Staging of bonded or pre-cleared import containerized cargo for delivery to customers according to their sequencing requirements on a 24/7 basis
  • Storage and handling empty containers
  • Reefer pre-tripping services
  • Reefer pre-staging and relay services for long haul – first and last mile
  • The placement and removal of fittings for specialized cargoes, liners for bulk cargoes, cleaning by vacuum, power wash or steam and the removal and placement of IMDG-code placards for dangerous goods
  • Comprehensive computerized container inventory control and tracking systems (fully compatible with the Uniform Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA) and in compliance with the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) inspection standards for instant data exchange of transactions and related logistics information/instructions


  • Transport of import and export containers between Port of Vancouver container terminals and Railheads and customer's premises
  • The relay of Import container to Harbour Link’s off-dock container terminals for Customs clearance and furtherance to the customer's premises on a 24/7 basis to match supply chain requirements
  • The relay of Export container to Harbour Link’s off dock container terminals in step with the exporters supply chain requirements for subsequent transfer to the Port to match vessel earliest receiving date (ERD) windows
  • Container transport services to all points in Western Canada and the US Pacific Northwest
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and tracking using geo-fencing and GPS tracking of trucks, containers and chassis


  • Harbour Link provides Importers: The ability to expedite the transfer and assembly of containers at an off-dock terminal focused on matching the sequence of container delivery with the customers 24/7 supply chain requirements.
    Import containers are assembled at Harbour Link‘s facilities separated by consignee to the fullest extent possible to permit the fast transfer of containers onto a carrier’s trucks, as chosen by the consignee. The goal of the terminal is to achieve less than 30 minute truck turn times for all truck traffic.
  • Harbour Link provides Exporters: The ability to obtain pre-assigned empty container numbers for their bookings and to deliver shipments to Harbour Link’s off-dock container terminals in step with their supply chain requirements for subsequent delivery to the Port to match vessel ERD receiving windows.
    Export containers are assembled at Harbour Link’s facilities separated by vessel, size and booking note number for transfer to the Port’s container terminals to permit terminal operators to optimize operational performance when assembling containers for loading to vessels.
  • Importers and Exporters: Harbour Link’s container terminals are sufferance bonded to serve as buffer zones for importers and exporters to circumvent very costly port storage costs when shipments remain at the Port’s container terminals after expiry of free time.


Harbour Link provides container de-stuffing / stuffing and trans-loading services for cargoes that do not require warehousing. A typical example of the scope of trans-loading services is presented in the News section of this web site about services provided for the Oil and Gas Sector.