Staff Realignments July 2019

As the Harbour Link Group of Companies evolves as a comprehensive supply chain solutions provider we look forward to the challenge of achieving future business expansion. With customer satisfaction foremost as our goal, we regularly assess the structure of the organization to ensure it remains focused strategically and has the resources needed to manage growth successfully.

We are pleased to announce organizational realignments within our leadership team to ensure that we are positioned to fulfill sustainable growth into the future. These organizational changes are an important step towards achieving long-term succession plans within Harbour Link to enable a greater delegation of authority, better utilization of individual talents and to achieve experienced leadership at all levels of the organization. These changes are consistent with our aim to improve Harbour Link’s capacity to grow and to provide a platform to achieve efficient operations and sustainable reliable service levels.

The reorganizational changes being announced today are as follows:

Immanuel Chen: Becomes the General Manager of Harbour Link and will assume a broader responsibility for all matters related to the provision of transportation services and container terminal services.

Gary Brar: Becomes Manager of Transportation Services reporting to Immanuel.

Jody Payne: Becomes Manager Container Terminal Services and Manager Harbour Link’s six-acre Chassis Yard reporting to Immanuel.

During the coming period we aim is to integrate the staffing of the Hopcott Container Yard with the staffing of the six-acre chassis yard and to make further structural organizational changes that include the appointment of supervisors to assist in the leadership roles presently being undertaken by Gary and Jody.

Other organizational changes will include the appointment of team leaders for dispatch, traffic and gate coordination and the appointment of senior coordinators for both the import and export traffic departments.

The objective is to achieve greater delegation of responsibility and decision making in all departments to enable everyone to participate and be recognized for the important contribution they each make towards the success of the Company.

Harbour Link’s business objective is to maintain its reputation as an industry innovator and leader to enable it to maintain its position for being “Strong on Service, Reliability and People”.

The above leadership changes are in addition to the very strong leadership team engaged for Tidewater that have already established a new paradigm of service levels in all areas of warehousing and port shuttle activities to achieve the harmonized and efficient flow of cargo warehousing and container handling operations. Tidewater also provides comprehensive container and cargo handling services for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) at its prime location in close proximity to Deltaport and Fraser Surrey Docks related to the examination of containerized cargo to fulfill Canada’s national security objectives.

Tidewater’s leadership team have gain acknowledgement by CBSA for providing high-level services to complement CBSA’s globally recognized high standards in protecting Canada’s National interests.